"The College of Choice"

History of
College of Saint John Paul II Arts and Sciences

                     Pope John Paul II has been a great influence to the youth in embracing endlessly the love of God. Filipinos had been deeply touched by his presence when he visited twice the Philippines that made him occupied a very special place in everyone’s heart. It was just in time, that the same year Saint John Paul II was canonized, and to recognize and celebrate it, we named our institution after him in his honor to come up with the same vision “to guide and develop the youth to be the best children of God”.
With this in mind, College of Saint John Paul II Arts and Sciences was born envisioned with “College of Choice”!

                     Education industry is not an easy task. We have to continue improving its mission every now and then, which serves as our guiding light throughout the year. The school has started with more than 70 students for its two-year program, and this gave us the idea to have the four year program, now it has more than eight hundred students; it’s a sign that it is in the right path.
It offers four year degree program such as BS Computer Science, BS in Entrepreneurship, BS in Accounting Technology, BS in Tourism Management and Bachelor in Technical Teacher Education. It also offers two-year programs; Associate in Information Technology, Associate in Office Management, Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and Associate in Computer Science. It has thirty-nine fulltime and part-time instructors, all taking up Master’s Degree. The Administrators are Master’s and Doctorate Degree holders to provide quality education to prepare the students in facing the different challenges in this competitive world.
                     College of Saint John Paul II Arts and Sciences has not only concentrated on academics but also it gives importance to curricular activities. Students have been competing and have been winning in different competition showing off their skills and talents in sports, pageants and other intellectual competitions.
                     At present, College of Saint John Paul II Arts and Sciences is also one of the schools that is implementing one of the greatest reforms in Philippine Education today, the K-12 Programs to create a functional education system that will produce more productive and more responsible citizens equipped with the essential competencies and skills for both life-long learning and employment.
The schools offers both Academic Tract such as STEM, HUMSS, GAS, ABM, TO aside that it offers Technical Vocational Livelihood Tract; HE and ICT under its Grade 11 and 12 program to be in line with the agenda of President BenignoAquino III of having quality education as long term solution to poverty.
College of Saint John Paul II Arts and Sciences in its effort to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, offers various scholarship especially to the poor but deserving students. It is committed to mold and develop the youth to continue “Enlightening the Minds and allowing them to Achieve Beyond”.